Saturday, January 16, 2016

Greetings from Church Citizens' Voice (CCV)!

Dear Friends,

         Greetings from james kottoor in Chicago for a peace filled New Year 2016. Request your prayers as I am returning to Ernakulam in two days on Jan.17th. 

         From Nov. 2014 I have been busy running  this  Church Citizens' Voice(CCV)  www.almayasabdam.coma global portal uniting people of good will around the globe. CCV publishes important articles and relevant national and international reports on church reform. It also sends very important ones regularly to all Indian bishops and religious communities around the world to keep them informed about latest developments.
         Our programme for 2016  is to help the church in India become a community of communion, that is, a dialoguing church -- vertical and horizontal - a family of God's Mercy and compassion in this year of Mercy, a family where all things are discussed frankly, transparently imitating Jesus (I have spoken publicly). CCV therefore is an open forum for all people of good will around the globe to read and react.

        What is given below is an example of how we communicate with our readers regularly about what we are, our objectives are, whom to contact for what etc. At the end what is given as attachments are just samples of hundreds of items published every day  in CCV, as they happen. The earlier ones can be retraced through Search Posts  by Date from stored library. Daily postings can be seen by visiting the website any time.

         The action programme we suggest for the new year are works of mercy Jesus did: "become light to the blind etc. " That is our way of sharing Good News to the Poor. Since we are an internet portal, we are as near as a click on your computer website:,  twenty four hours daily, no matter wherever you are in the world. So be in touch.

For a fruitful New  Year Musings!
Church Citizens' Voice (CCV)
Top religious portal in India uniting people
of good will around  the globe
with latest hot news & views
An open forum to learn & share your views

New Year 2016 with all its good, bad
and ugly news and views
CCV challenges
you both in rain and shine to become
Light to the blind,
Hearing to the deaf,
Sound to the voiceless,
Food to the hungry,
Water to the thirsty,
Medicine to the sick,
Cloth to the naked,
Shelter to the homeless.
Company to the lonely,
Comfort to the oppressed,
Rest to the toiling and overburdened,
Little things sweeten life, greater ones ennoble it,
Because it is in giving that we receive,
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life,
He told us, He showed us by His foot washing ministry
A contented life is a continued feast,
Be like birds of the air and lilies of the field,
 No pain no gain,
No cross no crown
Roses have thorns!
Bear the cross & gain the crown! 
To see is to believe. The attachments below are from Church Citiziens' Voice(CCV)
Visit and see hundreds more, Contact any of editors below
to post your reactions, news reports or articles

Given as attachments  below are samples  of thought provoking
items regularly posted in CCV and  also sent separately to all Indian Bishops.

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