Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sathyadeepam Counters Praise of Modi by Sunday Shalom
By Babu K Peter
Published: 27th July 2014 08:26 AM
Last Updated: 27th July 2014 08:26 AM

KOCHI: A week after the Catholic publication ‘Sunday Shalom’ published an editorial praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘Sathyadeepam’, another prominent Catholic publication, has come up with an article severely criticising the controversial editorial.
It is stated in the article that paying tribute to someone by sacrificing one’s own soul was dangerous. The article that appeared in the column ‘Varikalkidayil’ was written by Fr Kuriakose Mundadan, former editor of ‘Sathyadeepam Malayalam’. The editorial by Sunday Shalom editor Benny Punnathara, terming Modi as a ‘Servant of Christ’, had created an uproar among the Catholic denominations.
The Sunday Shalom editorial described  Modi’s  victory in the Lok Sabha election as God’s decision.
In the  editorial, Benny Punnathara said  that the defeat of the Congress was essential for the Indian democracy as the same party repeatedly coming to power facilitated  corruption. “God can act through anyone. Even those who we perceive as our enemies can bless us,” the article said.   
The article published in Sathyadeepam severely criticises the Sunday Shalom editorial.
“The intention behind making Modi a ‘Servant of Christ’ is not known. Those who write such articles are doing nothing but confusing the readers. They would have certain objectives to achieve. Comparing Narendra Modi to Persian king Cyrus, who is referred as a ‘Servant of God’ in the Book of Prophet Isaiah, is utter foolishness,” Fr Mundadan says in his article.
It is stated in the Sathyadeepam article that Modi could not wash away the stains of the Godhra riots, and that he had even challenged the democratic system by removing the Governors appointed by the UPA Government only because of political reasons.
“The stand taken by the Modi Government on the Israel-Palestine conflict is also under a shadow,” it said. Meanwhile, Fr Mundadan, who penned the article said it should not be taken as a tug-of-war between two Catholic publications.
“I pointed out the impropriety of a Catholic publication by terming Narendra Modi  as a Servant of Christ. Using Biblical verses to establish a wrong stand is not fair. Quoting Biblical verses to establish stands is a practice adopted by sects which have deviated from the mainstream Catholic faith and teachings,” Fr Mundadan said.


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