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Married ex-Catholic Miami priest calls fatherhood an ‘incredible experience’
Fr.Alberto-cute with his family
By editor on July 31, 2014 9:39 am in US News /
Fr.Alberto-cute with his wife canellis
He’s a holy father!
The priest who sparked a scandal in Miami’s Catholic community after getting caught kissing a woman is now dishing about his life as a different kind of “Father” figure.
Rev. Alberto Cutié was defrocked after paparazzi snapped photos of him cuddling with his bikini-clad girlfriend on a Miami beach in May 2009. More than five years later, he’s happily married to that woman and is the proud dad of two young children — 2-year-old Albert and 3-year-old Camilla.
The dad also has a 19-year-old stepson, Christian, from his wife’s first marriage.
In a recent in interview with Oprah TV’s “Where Are They Now?” Cutié said that married life has been a “blessing.”
“Being a father is an incredible experience,” Cutié said. “People called me ‘Father’ for many years, but being a biological father and being a spiritual father are very different things.”
“We have our hands full now!” he added with a grin while hugging his children.
Cutié had been a popular figure in Miami’s Latino community. He appeared often on Spanish-language television to hand out advice and encouragement. The gig earned him the nickname “Father Oprah.”
But his dedication to the Roman Catholic priesthood — and its vow of lifelong celibacy — crumbled when he met his future wife, a divorced mother named Ruhama Canellis. Cutié said the chemistry between the two was instant.
“As a young man, you kind of feel that energy that is there and you're like: 'How do you turn this off? I'm not allowed to do this,” he told

The pair met in 1999 and dated secretly for two years before the Miami beach pictures went public. A few months later, Cutié waved goodbye to the Catholic church to become an Episcopal priest. And after 15 years of counseling other nervous grooms, he finally became a groom himself by marrying Canellis.
Cutié says his wife is now one of his greatest supporters.
“She has a feminine intuition that we men sometimes lack,” Cutié said.
His only regret is that he wishes he would have come out of the priesthood sooner. Before, he admits he had been “paralyzed” with fear. But now, he argues that celibacy is a man-made rule and not a Biblical mandate. He believes his vocation to the priesthood and his marriage complement each other.
“It’s unfortunate that thousands and thousands of priests have to live in hidden situations because they’re not allowed to marry,” he said.
He hopes to serve as an inspiration for other priests in the same predicament.
“In the five and a half years since I made this transition, I get a daily email, letter, or phone call from a priest who is in love,” Cutié said. “I always tell people, 'If you have something good that's in your heart that you've got to say, just say it and move on.' There's such a great, great power in learning to move on."

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