Monday, May 20, 2013

Prisoner at the bar

“Prisoner at the bar,” said the Grand Inquisitor, “you are charged with encouraging people to break the laws, traditions and customs of our holy religion.How do you plead?”“Guilty, Your Honour.”“And with frequenting the company of heretics, prostitutes, public sinners, the extortionist tax-collectors, the colonial conquerors of our nation-in short, the excommunicated. How do you plead?”“Guilty, Your Honour.”“Finally, you are charged with revising, correcting, calling into question the sacred tenets of our faith. How do you plead?”“Guilty, Your Honour.”“What is your name, prisoner?”“Jesus Christ, Your Honour.”
Some people are just as alarmed to see their religion practised as they are to hear it doubted.

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