Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Memorandum to Pope Francis, the Head of the Catholic Church On Redeeming the Apostolic Tradition of the Church

Reg. No 152/10, Tharakunnel Bldg. Pala Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686575

K. George Joseph Kattekkara (Chairman)           K.K. Jose Kandathil (Secretary)

Dear Pope Francis, our elder brother in Jesus Christ,
          Our Lord Jesus Christ did not have any worldly wealth (Matt. 8:20). He even advised his disciples not to carry any gold, silver or copper in their pockets (Matt. 10:9-10). The first main steward of the Church, Peter, did not have any silver or gold either (Acts. 3:6). They denounced not only material wealth, but also the manifestation of authoritarianism. Other than imparting spiritual advice they did not exercise any authority ever the people. In fact, Jesus even advised against authoritatiran structures in the future Christian Community (Matt. 20:25-28). Because money power and authoritative power are soul mates and mammonic in character.
           However, much to the regret of well meaning not only Christians, but to all the people, the present day Catholic Church is seen as a structure of enormous power and wealth.  Historically papacy had a dual rule. That is, as the spiritual head of the Church and as the political head of Vatican State. It is rather evident that this duality has contributed to authoritarianism and power mongering. Shouldn’t such a situation that continues is a matter for an in depth discussion? Shouldn't the responsibility of the anointed be focused on the spiritual   growth of the faithful than spending time in taking care of the purely material aspects of the community, which has assumed institutional dimension. If Christianity is to make a deeper impact on the world and bring it to spiritual thoughts and behaviour, Church has to make a course correction.
          Therefore, a paradigm shift tin the Church is an immediate need. Like the prodigal son, the church has to return from its institutional manifestations to its home by recapturing the loving spirit of Jesus and the apostolic Church.
          We understand that an ancient institution with deep moorings across the world cannot be altered in a short period of time.  But we, the 'Kerala Catholic church  Reformation Movement' (KCRM) and the laity all over the world will provide  support to the initiative you take in this direction.
          Hence, we earnestly request you to kindly strive hard to put an end to the imperial power structure with all its manifestations in the Catholic Church.
                                                                   We remain,
                                                                   In the Union of Jesus' Love,
K. George Joseph                                                 K.K.  Jose,  Kandathil
(Chairman, KCRM)                                      (Secretary, KCRM

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