Friday, March 6, 2015

Church Citizens' Voice, today

 At the Ex-priests meet at Ernakulam I was quoted as saying: ”I am in my eighties. I'm still a questioning, doubting and searching atheist.”  Quoting part of a sentence or out of context can be very misleading and end up in  misrepresenting a person. This is just one case in point.  read more: Pious prayerful Atheist – Dr James Kottoor

It is pointless to attack a person (now declared Blessed by the Vatican) who is no more to answer all these charges which are unfounded and only intended to tear the fabric of religious harmony which India has been practising for ages? Sri Isaac Gomes (Kolkotta) reviews the CNN-IBN Channel Interview on Blessed Mother Teresa. Read more: The legacy of a silent mother – CNN-IBN Channel Inteview on Mother Teresa

A British archaeologist has identified what he believes could have been the house where Jesus was raised. Dr Ken Dark said that the humble first century home in Nazareth, northern Israel, could have been where Mary and Joseph brought up the son of God. The Reading University archaeologist said that an ancient text described precisely how it was located between two tombs and below a church, reports the Asian Age. Read more: British academic “discovers” Jesus’s childhood home

  Shri Jose Paul (Delhi) a Kerala born veteran Catholic, writes on the burning issues of Delhi Catholics, which still continue unresolved. “Those who are proud of their tradition and culture only should come forward to join Eparchy of Syro-Malabar Church” The Archbishop of the diocese of Faridabad declared in his homily during the convention. Read more: Bishops, Priests, nuns and brothers. Are they also shameless?

Can numbers say something about the future of Christianity? George Weigel thinks so. Weigel claims the past and present – together with a numeric projection about the future – can reveal something about what might happen to Christianity globally over the next 35 years. Read more: Christians by number: What projections are saying about the future of religion

The story of Aleyamma, a house wife in Kasargodu disrict of Kerala, was elaborately written in the Sunday magazine of Indian express. In itself, this live story is quite motivating and inspiring – Editor. Read more: It’s all about honey and a lady

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