Monday, September 22, 2014

An Appeal

Catholic Church in India has been seriously abused by the self anointed team of Indian Bishops and their ‘Yes men’ crew. They could successfully manipulate our long nourished passions for genuine faith and our traditional practices that fostered universal brotherhood. They haven’t spared our Holy Scriptures too. Things are worse in Kerala where the Church is next to the state government with regard to physical assets and regular income. Even a smile is payable here. The new Churches with sky high domes and fully illuminated glittering interiors and posh exteriors impress the public for sure. But the value standards of the faithful have not improved; Church in Kerala has become the most efficient law evading mafia in the state, under the disguise of minority rights. Kerala Dioceses are diseased with criminals and stupid managers at the top. They grow best at Canon, not with Jesus. It was at such a juncture that Amayasabdam was introduced.
Quite recently, the Church clergy in Kerala has chosen one more business – politics. The laity in Kerala is compelled to work in dirty politics too. Since the inception of Almayasabdam, we see that many issues in the Church are addressed appropriately. It is a good sign that the laity is using all possible means to expose internal problems, though appropriate solutions are yet to be found in most of the cases. Somehow, our efforts could create ripples in Bishops’ food court meets at Kakkanadu. The 99% wing, the laity, in the Church is rising like a hot rod. A year back, CCRI (Catholic Church Reform International) took shape and now they are trying to hit at the extra ordinary Bishop’s meet in Rome to discuss Catholic family issues. They argue that it should not be the Lords of the board rooms that decide manners in the bedrooms.
Today, the laity in India also is better united. Powerful laity organizations are established in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ootty and Kolkotta. Kerala is fast growing in the number of Church reformation activists. We have also with us active promoters from foreign countries like USA, Germany, Switzerland, UAE and Australia. The sad thing is that these local powers with roots in India are not physically well coordinated on a national or global level. It is our earnest wish that some efforts be made to bring all likeminded organizations together to clean this Aegean shed. We invite you to share practical suggestions in this regard and hope somebody will someday work in this angle too.
The organizers of Almayasabdam invite articles and reviews in Malayalam or English. We are only happy to add more contributors to our present list. Those who love to contribute in this blog regularly may kindly write to Always make it a point to refer to your dear and near.

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