Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Catholic Church Reform Int’l


  1. With reference to the Associated Groups of Catholic Church Reform Int'l the name of the Honorary Treasurer of the Catholic Association of Bengal is ISAAC GOMES and not Ives Gomes as reported.

    This needs to be corrected. Isaac Gomes, i.e. the undersigned, is also a member of Indian Catholic Press Association (ICPA) which recently held its Annual Convention at Kanyakumari. His report can be seen in this esteemed journal by clicking on Older Posts.

    Isaac Gomes

    1. Dear Mr. Issac Gomes,

      The news published in Almayasabdam by The Soul and Vision are true to the best of our knowledge.
      In this connection we have checked again with the public information advertised by the CCRInt’l.
      Please note that even today they have not corrected the matter as you suggested. Unfortunately we are not in a position to correct their official information.

      For your best interests you may please contact
      the authorities of CCRInt’l for correction.

      George Katticaren
      Editor, Soul and Vision
      Member of Indian Catholic Press Association

    2. If his name is Issac Gomes there's no point in waiting for some one else to correct it. An error must have happened at the source. But once the correct information is on hand, Soul & Vision ought to make use of it and at least give a line in bracket regarding it, so that the readers get it right.

    3. Sorry, no correction is needed. Ives Gommes, Virginia Saldhana and Astrid Lobo Gajiwala are the contact persons of CCRInt’l in india. This is as per the advertisement published by CCRInt’l.
      No one can say that Ives Gommes is the same person as Issac Gomes unless it is stated by the authorities of CCRInt’l.