Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Did you know?

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The minimum estimate of Church holding in India puts it at par with largest ones in India. Some say it's next only to the government of India itself. What we do know as a fact is:

1) Christians are less than 3% of the total population of India (by last Census). However, the Church funding every year is equal to the yearly budget of Indian Navy.

2) The Catholic Church (the largest church of India, there are dozens like it) owns the largest chunk of non-agricultural land.

3) It is the second largest employer after the Government of India (evangelists galore).

4) Their properties are valued in several lakhs of crores.

5) The Roman Catholic Church in India has five times the number of priests as compared to the rest of the world.

6) Neither the funding nor the expenditure is monitored by the govt.

Some of the top richest NGO's of India receiving highest FCRA funds are involved in conversion activities (more on this later).

The churches are funded by nations with strong currencies and large corporates. Hence they have immense funds to back their religious activities in whichever country they choose.
And through this nexus of evangelists, politicians and corporates - they are exerting their control through their assets and resources on our country which we think is independent.

Result? The rampant conversions of gullible using temptations of money and job. If they really believe in their faith, why serve only for conversion?

No secular finds this practice (which they like to term as 'soul harvesting') immoral, let alone illegal.


1) Govt. must control churches like they control all temples

2) Monitoring of foreign funding of all churches and NGOs

3) Legal means to stop unethical means of conversion

4) Awareness

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