Friday, November 21, 2014

Almayasabdam website

The new website of Almayasabdam, another service from KCRM, is under finishing touches. What we initially suggested was a storefront of all important data connected with our movement + a few important posts that appear in almayasabdam blogspot. But the developers have a gone a step further and have come out with a hybrid arrangement that claims both the facilities of a superior blog and the favours of a conventional website. 

We invite our readers to have a look at it and let the developers know what our well wishers expect from them. Kindly note that data uploading hasn't begun and the files/texts already there are either dummy or trial pieces. 

If you have anything to suggest, you are free to choose any posts there and use the comments column for presenting your suggestions. Your comments won't be published.

Thank you


  1. One thing I would like to see in websites is social media integration, for instance the ability to use facebook id while commenting. This will automatically post the comments in facebook also (helps to keep the discussions alive and at the same time reduces a lot of spams)

    1. Thanks for your observation and comment. Already, there are links to popular social media sites. (See top left column). Is it what you mean? Or else please let me know the arrangement in detail. Write to