Monday, November 10, 2014

Criminals in the vineyard

The criminals passivity of the servants of the vineyard of Jesus.

In the wake of the observation of the Holy See that it is differences of opinion among different sects within the Church that weakens the Church most, this article written by Shri Jose Paul (Delhi) has wider relevance. Look at the chart below and see the new gulf forming in between Eastern and Western rites under Rome. In between there are only questions of ego and consideration. Editor

The statistics we are presenting are of 2011 from the Wikipedia about the Catholic Church. The numbers may not be absolutely correct at present. But we are sure that the numbers have definitely increased in the last three years. We have a population of 19.9 million Catholics which forms 1.55% of Indian Population. This is the present size of the vineyard which is served by 168 Bishops, 16,066 priests, 2528 Rev. brothers and 50,112 Rev. sisters.

 The Catholic Church believes in “one and only one Jesus” and in “one and only one Catholic and apostolic Church”. The 19.9 million Lay Catholics believe this and they all belong to this “one and only Catholic Church” with their whole heart and soul. But some servants of the vineyard do not agree to this and they want to partition the vineyard into different sections so that they can take the ownership and take control the parts of the vineyard and rule over it. They want to divide the community of Catholics in our country into groups on which they can use their power and control. In the process of this competition for the control, power and even wealth, Jesus is simply forgotten. They attempt to divide the 19.9 million into different sects and cults in the name of meaningless and non-existent culture and tradition for their own vested interest.

The Lay catholic population ask these so called servants of his vineyard (Sorry, they are no more servants or shepherds, but they are the biggest landlords, business people in education and healthcare, owners palatial houses and luxurious living standards) to explain to the ordinary laity some simple questions,

The questions are regarding the differences between
 1. The faiths (creed), sacraments, Eucharistic presence of Jesus,and  the ten commands which are the fundamentals of catholic faith.
 2. The cultural differences which will make a Catholic different from other Catholics in matters of faith 3. The traditions which will differentiate one Catholic from another in matters of faith.

4. How is it a great number of members of one rite are free to serve in the other rite as religious with immunity for centuries and even now?

 5. They are not being asked officially to go back to their original in the new establishment.  But the lay people have to follow the traditions (what are these traditions will not be disclosed) and culture (again will not mention the meaningful culture which makes you different in faith) 

The laity knows that these divisions are Devil’s temptation as Jesus was tempted by the Devil offering the vanities of the world. Jesus did not fall for those temptations. But those who pretend to be the servants of Jesus and who does not have a root in spirituality or love of Jesus could not resist these temptations of pomp, show, wealth, power and luxury. These people are trying to cut the essence of love and unity in Catholic Church.

Out of the 68, 874 religious servants in the vineyard of Jesus in India, at least 60,000 of them have left their homes and the dear ones with good and sincere intentions of serving Jesus and his one and only Catholic Church. These people are all highly spiritual, sincere, honest, educated, intelligent, logical, wise, thinking and practical people.  Many of them are in high administrative levels as heads and administrators of Archdioceses and Dioceses, great retreat preachers, heading and administrating   educational institutions, healthcare institutions and social welfare institutions and so on. Many of them are doctors and lawyers. But, their long years of formation to be a religious servant have instilled in them the blind obedience to the superiors and hierarchy and also male domination in spiritual and religious administration. It was” Devil” at work to make these innocent people to be obedient without questioning.  He has succeeded in his mission. Now he has to work only on few people who want to be in power. The multitude of servants will obey devilish commands through these greedy goons. Majority of these religious people play unconscious role as partners of the crucifixion of Christ again and again and shredding his mystical body.

Is it not a pity that not a single sound bite has been heard (from any of the 168 bishops. any generals or provincials, priests or brothers of any congregations which constitutes 18,594 in number or 50112 nuns mostly educationists and doctors) either positively or negatively about this great surgery (Butchery)  of Jesus body. What are we to think of you? Are you all the dumb statues in the church? We want to respect you as shepherd of the sheep and and servants of the vineyard. Don’t get angry with us. We are putting this question to every religious which ever congregation or rite you may belong to “What are you doing? What have you done when you saw that the only Catholic Church of Jesus (The mystical body of Christ), is torn into pieces, when the Church (the Bride of Jesus) is being raped by unscrupulous Hierarchy?  Whatever rite you may belong,  If you love Jesus, if you love His Church, if you are a real servant in His vineyard, can you sit quiet and say that you are an obedient servant of Christ? Reflect whether you are a child of God or an obedient servant of Devil?  Reflect whether your passivity in a situation like this is a divine or sacred  act or a mortal sin? Have you dedicated your life for Christ or the agents of Satan? 
The request from us, the lay people to you is to wake up, arise for Christ sake and do the needful. Let your voice be heard loud and clear and show us that you are with Jesus. Quoting the Bible and other pious quotes have no meaning. Act!!! Let the people on the Devil’s side recognize you as real servants of God. And we are with you along with Jesus for whom you left your home and the dear ones.  Can the Devil control 68,874 religious people in our country to make them quiet with his handful of agents? Is it not a shame they all have become slaves of the unbecoming!!! You cannot serve two masters. Either be with Jesus or be with Devil. 

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