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How do Indian Bishops Get Installed?

Blase Joseph Cupich - the New Arch Bishop of Chicago
New Chicago Bishop Shows the Way!

Gitanjali Sudir,  a very spiritual person from New York, sent  this report introducing the New Chicago Archbishop. Now let him to speak to you:

       “Dear Reader, The following is a write up on the newly appointed Archbishop to Chicago. I have printed in bold type the last TWO sentences which speak a lot on his "profile".    The reporter says, the bishop is humble....taking the cheapest flight. He didn't tell his seatmate who he was. He generally uses public transit in the city...
       “Jesus once traveled to the city of Jerusalem.That was HIS ‘Chicago’. It was a sort of arriving to take possession of His SEE - His ‘Cathedral’ and His ‘Archdiocese’!  Was it not? And the Scriptures says He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey [Mt 21:1-11; Mk 11:1-11; Lk 19:28-44 and John 12:12-19].
        How do the local Churches in our neighborhoods welcome our Shepherds? Any evidence of  "CHEAP FLIGHTS" and public transits? In what manner and details do they want the SHEEP to garland and deliver the speeches… ...Who are the key players? Who sits where?
       At times, one has to wonder whose disciples our local Shepherds have turned out to be - of the LORD or of the Pharisees! PEACE!” Now read about Archbishop  Blasé Cupich. james kottoor)

Blase Cupich, Chicago's soon-to-be Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, arrived in town Thursday at O'Hare International Airport as he prepares to get installed as the spiritual leader of 2.2 million Catholics this coming Tuesday at Holy Name Cathedral on the near north side, reported the Associated Press. Archbishop Cupich has not started his tenure in Chicago, but already he is receiving high praise for his strong and unequivocal stand on "immigration reform," particularly among Latino parishioners.

           Archbishop Cupich was hand-picked by Pope Francis in an effort to soften the image of the Roman Catholic Church. The New York Times says, "Pope Francis has never met him, but plucked him from the obscure diocese of Spokane, Wash., passing over archbishops considered rising stars under the two previous popes."
         He had plenty to say about the issue of "immigration reform" last September at his first press conference, along side outgoing Chicago leader Cardinal Francis George. He said that he was prepared to work with political and community leaders on immigration reform. "It has been held hostage, I think, to too many views that need to examine whether or not the common good is being secured," said Cupich.

          His views are in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which in June of 2004, resolved to make "comprehensive immigration reform, with special emphasis on legalization, a major public policy priority within the Church. Many other national Catholic institutions have also made legalization a policy priority."

         The bishop said he would support state recognition for immigrants, though not necessarily citizenship, in order to better account for immigrants living in the United States. "These people pay taxes, they contribute to the common good … it is a matter of making sure we can give them legal status," he said back then.

        He's has broken with tradition in his choice of living quarters, picking the more modest rectory at Holy Name Cathedral instead of the archdiocese's North State Parkway mansion. In that choice, Cupich is taking after Pope Francis, who chooses to live in the Vatican hotel instead of the papal apartments.

        On Thursday, Cupich maintained a humble profile, saying he'd booked the cheapest flight he could and telling reporters that it didn't occur to him to tell his airplane seatmate who he was. He said that he usually takes public transit into
the city but that a car service had been arranged for him this time.

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