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Update about 'Pope Francis, The Holy Father, Supreme Head of the Catholic Church: Justice for Prof T J Joseph Newman College Thodupuzha Kerala India' on‏

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Dear Friends
I am extremely happy that I could talk to Prof. T J Joseph for quite some time. College authorities have agreed that he can rejoin on 28 March.
When he met the Bishop today he was welcomed with a warm embrace. He said he had gone through the Facebook Page created demanding justice for him.(
So many people came forward to sign the petition requesting The Pope to give orders to the diocese to reinstate T J Joseph as early as possible. Petitions from different parts of the world flew to The Pope, including writers activists like Zacharia and Mythreyan.
Even non-malayalees joined this cause. T J Joseph asked me to convey his heartfelt gratitude to all them who signed the petition and supported him.
My personal and special thanks to Prasoon S Kandath, V K Adarsh, Ajith Medechirayil, Unni Maxx and Santhosh Joy for their help and support in managing the page.
T J Joseph hopes to get at least one day to take classes and be with his students. His former students had informed him that if the authorities fail to let him to the college again they would willingly come to the college and he should take class for them. 'Frequent phone calls and visits from my students and well wishers is a great relief at this time, I’m overwhelmed by their affection and support', he said. Then he added, 'had this decision come one week earlier….' .and became silent!
He said he has no hatred or hard feelings towards anyone. And that he likes the Bishop.
The decision by the church to rub balm instead of salt into his wound is appreciable.
Thanking the wisdom they showed in reinstating Joseph sir,
though late…very late!
N.B. I'm hereby giving Joseph sir's contact number (with his permission). Those who like to share a few words with him may please call.
Prof TJ Joseph 9745742395
with regards
Chief of Bureau
Mangalam Daily
1/2 INS building
Rafi marg
New Delhi 1
mob 91 9717274656

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