Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shocking documentary reveals depth of scandal at the Vatican!!

Source:Seattle Times

Here  is  how a  stunning PBS documentary describes itself: In Secrets of  the Vatican,  FRONTLINE  tells the  epic,  inside  story of  the  collapse  of the Benedict papacy and illuminates the extraordi- nary challenges facing Pope Francis as he tries to  reform  the  powerful Vatican bureaucracy, root out  corruption and chart a new course for the  troubled  Catholic  Church and  its 1.2 bil- lion followers. Viewers  might easily imagine they've heard it all. Oh that. Why bother? Take everything you have  ever  heard  about  the  Catholic  Church and  the global clergy child sexual abuse scan- dals,   the dodgy  Vatican bank,  add  in   drug abuse, and multiply it all by ten. A primary in- sight  is that Pope  Benedict really did not step down from the papacy so much as flee the job. No  one could make up what this documentary reveals.  For  all  of  the  horror on display, the reality  is  basic: arrogance, hubris  and insula- rity  will  bring  down any   organization, even one   ordained  to  do  God's  work on earth. A human organization manifests all human frail- ties.  Allow  it  to make its own rules and hide, and  the  worst  happens. This is a tragedy that defies  description.  Abuse  of  people,   power and  a  benefit  of  the doubt that goes with the job description. Pope  Francis  is  viewed  as  the   institutional savior  who  comes  from  far  enough  outside the  Roman  Curia  and  the  inner  sanctum to instigate and sustain change. The  only  optimism  in  the  documentary are references  to  a new beginning for a wounded church,  and  a  religious  crusade  to  save  the church.                             Source : UCANEWS

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