Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pray that God spares your heads!

Dr James Kottoor wrote to Almayasabdam: 'The God of Surprises is doing unexpected things to this wretched creature. Just received the following reaction from New York. What is surprising is that he regularly reads Almaya from New York and mourns that no clerical class (Vaideeka Sabdam) is seen or heard.' Hereby we publish a mail to Dr Kottoor indirectly asking him to invite those clergy readers also to participate in Almayasabdam debates. Almayasabdam is very happy to note that the voice of the voiceless is now heard around the world. Editor

Dear Dr Kottoor,

Your latest take on the theme of Pope Francis [Mercy over Punishment] makes a wonderful reading.

Perhaps I should call your reflections prophetic and provocative.

Every prophet in the Biblical tradition - from Isaiah to Amos, from Jeremiah to Joel-Jonah-John the Baptizer - dared to be provocative and subsequently prophetic.

A Christian prophet could is not man of lame words, singing the glories of the ruling party.

I am a regular reader of Almaya Sabdam and Puthukulam's magazine.
It is a pity that there is no counter Vaideeka Sabdam to sound your views loud and clear.

There is emerging a new and counter "pontificate" against Pope Francis in certain quarters of the United States. Many bishops, by being silent as they haven't nothing to say, are encouraging such

Many hierarchs are boldly preaching counter messages. Many more lay members of the Church are becoming mini-popes. Media is full of them. Daily "blogs" are unfortunately becoming alternate Gospels, Letters, Infallible pronunciation and Encyclicals. 

May be, that is a by-product of over-democratic journalism in the WEST!

Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, non-Christians, and non believers are part of this new teaching authority in the Church.

If a Church educates clergy exclusively in Canon Law with a subtle plot to ordain every one of them as bishops, surely such bishops can't have non-canon-law-perspectives on life.

The Franciscan Images of FIELD HOSPITAL or POOR CHURCH FOR THE POOR do not get into the heads of Capitalist market watchers.

Cheap unmarried men who have put on expensive ecclesiastical episcopal garbs have serious difficulty to listen to the anxious cries and existential needs of families.

Kindly continue to tell the King, "It is not right for you..."

I will pray that God spares your head/



Alphonse Bernard <>

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