Saturday, May 10, 2014


I do not think that mandatory celibacy of the Catholic presbytery that is creating the problem of sexual abuse amoung the priests. Married men in the society also create problems. Even if these priests are allowed to marry, these activities will continue. It is the approach of these priests towards the laity that is creating problem. Majority of them are mediocre and megalomaniac. When these mediocre are given authority not tantamount to their capacity they will definitely become arrogant. Rape is not a method of sexual pleasure. For a normal man sex is possible only with a consenting woman. Unfettered consent is required. Sexual assault on an un-consenting woman or child is an aberration. Most of the Catholic priests are aberrated men. It is manifest in their ecclesiastical performance. If a survey is conducted amoung the young aspirants to marriage- both girls and boys -in Catholic Church, this will be revealed. These Vicars of Christ are experts in creating impediments to marriage on some flimsy grounds. The aspirants to priesthood are recruited at the tender age of 15. Then they cut off all their relationships with their biological family. They go to their family and relatives as elevated guests. Very old men respect them. They are called ‘Fathers’ by all. They get all respect which they in no way deserve. They become administers of schools, colleges, hospitals etc. without proper qualifications. This will make them arrogant. Rape is one of the methods of manifesting arrogance. 
Solution: Young men should be recruited to priesthood only after the age of 21. Only those who have good mental and physical health should be admitted to the seminaries. They should be given proper training in public relations, stress management and crisis management. They should be trained to be humble and polite to public. Now this is lacking. Reading habit should be promoted amoung them. Many priests do not even have proper awareness of Church history or recent developments in theology. Every 5 years their work and conduct should be reviewed by an expert committee consisting of experts including those in the laity. Only those who are found fit should be allowed to continue in pastoral duties. In all dioceses there should be a Forum to redress public grievances. Now there is no such effective system. Bishops should not protect the priests if they do any mischiefs. Now these priests are damn sure that they will get protection from the local bishops even if they do any grave crimes. Example : Thrissur Arch Diocese. The laity should desist from giving undue respects to these priests. They should not support the mischiefs by them. They should be questioned. The priests should understand that they are answerable to the society in financial as well as ecclesiastical matters. Now there is absolutely no financial transparency or democracy in the Church. Financial indiscipline and autocracy are the parents of all evils.


  1. Whoever it is who wrote this, he/she deserves praise. He/she has summarized the entire priesthood related weak points in a few sentences. Until we get saintly Bishops who care to listens the public or who observes how the chorus follows their commands, absolute cacophony is likely to overrule the Church. This won't last long.....that is the one thing everybody knows. But God alone knows the script for the next scene.

  2. "Holiness means giving ourselves in sacrifice every day. And so married life is a tremendous path to sanctity!"
    - Pope Francis on Twitter |