Monday, May 26, 2014

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The Catholic Church in Kerala is crossing its limits

Comment by George Madathikunnel , first published in Kerala Kaumudi on 25.05.2014
I believe the Catholic Church in Kerala is crossing its limits. Of course, the church can be a guide to believers in their spiritual needs.

Here, the scene is not spiritual, but for power and economic control. The minority protection act is not to protect the vast assets of the church, but the interests of all believers. If Kerala's land distribution is studies, one can notice that a significant portion of the land go to religious organizations. Another interesting factor is, some of the religious leaders also have business interests with anti-social groups. As their personal interest are hurt, they use the believers as their smoke screen. Hence, it is to the ordinary believers to analyze the truth and make borders between religion and the nation, not to the church hierarchy.

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