Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return to the Sacred

Have you ever wished for inner peace? Have you sought a deeper understanding of yourself and the spiritual world? Have you followed the popular prescriptions for enlightenment and still found yourself unsatisfied? ‘Return To The Sacred’ is an guide to understanding the importance of spiritual practice and the great diversity of paths that are available to you. This is a book that does more than provide philosophy and inspiration; it gives you the freedom to find a path that works for you and the knowledge to experience the answers for yourself. You will learn about the time-tested tools of spiritual growth that will help you to discover the depths of wisdom, power and peace.
Return to the Sacred will introduce you to the Twelve Master Paths and Practices that have transformed the lives of countless saints, mystics, masters, and sages since the beginning of history. In this book you will find what you need to discover your spiritual personality and choose the path that will lead you toward the realization of extraordinary joy and a life long journey of meaning.
Dr. Ellerby weaves threads of personal growth with comparative religion and fascinating true tales of spiritual adventures with teachers and healers around the world. Through colorful stories and clear reflections he presents a perspective that reveals the extraordinary rewards of spiritual practice, and a realistic understanding of the deep commitments and challenging steps along the way. Return to the Sacred is an inspiring journey around the globe and into the furthest reaches of the Spirit.
Very rarely does a book appear with the power to stir the soul; to remind you of what you know in your bones; to inspire you to connect with Spirit in its many forms. Return to the Sacred is such a book. An authentic spiritual adventure, it is lyrically beautiful, stunningly real, and at the same time resolutely practical. This is a book to read and to cherish. I’m going to buy a carton for my family and friends.
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Best-selling author of Your Soul’s Compass and Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

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