Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eparchy of Faridabad begins to reply

The Eparchy of Faridabad is finally forced to respond.

So far the Eparchy of Faridabad never thought of responding to us, whom the Eparch had earlier dismissed as "a group like yours". Unfortunately for him, Team Rite, also using the nom-de-plume Laity4Unity, are now "the Petitioners", who have written direct to the Pope; and he has no option but to respond to us.

So the Eparchy has found devious ways of responding. 
First, the Eparch wrote to us (in his now trademark sarcastic style - no one can accuse him of being "pastoral") on 20 September 2014, claiming that he received some letter from us the previous day.

In fact the last communication we sent him - as well as to a whole lot of Bishops -was an email on 25 June- and naturally we had a copy of it (it had not bounced). 
The previous communication to that was a letter we had sent him by courier.

In our detailed rejoinder to his email of 20 Sept, we sent him a cc of the email of 25 June as well as a scanned copy of the courier's waybill. So we put that fairy tale in its place.

No reply from the Eparchy!

Now suddenly they are trying a different tactic
Instead of writing to us, they've managed to get our entire mailing list and mailed everybody in it; so it will reach Team Rite, but the Eparchy can always claim they were not writing to us!

How did they get the mailing list? 
Not difficult. 
Some of their supporters secretly attended our last public meeting (we recognised one for sure because we distributed leaflets and this gentlemen promptly put it under his feet! Silly of him to give himself away of course). He then included his email along with everyone else present, so that he got himself on the mailing list. Voila. He could easily get a copy of it for himself, because we don't always send BCCs.

But who cares? Every falsehood they utter we nail; and every misleading statement they make we rebut.
One interesting observation: NOTHING they say or write can be remotely perceived as "pastoral" or "spiritual". They sound like a political party, not like a church!

But they make our lives easier: we don't have to forward to everyone their mail to us - they forward it themselves to everybody. 

We have to forward to everybody only our own rejoinders. 

In the next post, we will present their latest email burst, along with our reply.

Team Rite

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