Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Discuss Serious Topics not Trivialities

Thank you very much Dr. Kottoor for clarifying Roshan Francis’ doubt whether Archbishop Bharanikulangara’s title is Bishop or Archboshop. To prove the point, you quoted from Archbishop’s e-mail to you saying that though he is the pastor of a diocese Holy Father gave him the title of Archbishop ad personam. I believe the Archbishop. I don’t need any documentation. 

I think the Bishop/Archbishop issue is simply ridiculous. So a debate on this personal title issue need  not continue as it will be detrimental to the blog.  It is making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Many readers and well wishers of Almayasabdam called me personally to express their disappointments even though I am just a contributor to the blog from Detroit, USA.

Let  Almaysabdam  instead  concentrate  on more serious general Church  issues  and  other serious Rite-related issues like creation of newly  planned  Eparchies in other Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore  or in foreign countries other than USA and Australia. They are being planned by the CMC. Faithful in Chennai are already expressing their fears and anxiety to all those who can help them.

As far as I know, Archbishop Bharanikulangara is the most progressive and liberal bishop in SMC hierarchy. Dr. Kottor’s statement in this regard is very important. Therefore let me quote it here:  For all I know the Eparch of Faridabad is quite unlike other Syromalabar bishops. I see him as a person like Pappa Francis who gives interviews even to secular papers and atheist editors. Didn’t he give a prolonged interview to Malayala Manorama on the burning issue of Syro-Latin Rite explosion in Delhi? As far as I know, no other bishop has opened his mouth on it although media in India and abroad discussed it a great deal”.

As far as I understand, Almayasabdam is fighting for the modernization of the Catholic Church along with exposing Church issue to the public. Pope Francis is our leader. And we need Archbishop Bharanikulangara’s help too.

Archbishop Bharanikulangara understood the Rite issue in Delhi and he is trying his level best to rectify the situation to help the church citizens. I am an ardent believer that the church citizens who are immigrants to the other parts of India as well as the other parts of the world should have the option to select their Rite.

Almayasabdam should be very vigilant. There are lots of rumours running around. Don’t believe all that and write articles or comments based on those rumours. Archbishop Bharanikulangara is, in fact, one of the best bishops in SM hierarchy. It is very easy to damage the reputation of a person in this social media age. Progressive thinking church citizens need Archbishop Bharanikulangara. Knanaya community and Chenganacherry faction may try their level best to discredit the Archbishop.

When Bishop Kunnassery asked for Archbishop title nobody was making such commotion at that time. He asked for the title. What a shame. But Archbishop Bharanikulangara didn’t ask for the title but Holy Father gave him the title because of his diplomatic status at that time. He earned the title. But the Archbishop title is bestowed upon Bishop Kunnassery to please him and the Knanaya community.

Chacko Kalarickal
Detroit, USA


  1. Shree Chako Kalarickal's good intensions deserve appreciation. But his misses one point. Bp. Bharanikulangara might be an efficient person. But even if one is efficient and can prove to be of good services to us, the person's integrity of character is important. No person should make use of untruth or even half truths for personal gain. Many of the writers in Almayasabdam have pointed out the discrepancies in the JPL as well as the interview he gave explaining the situation. And it comes out as though his goal is not the unity of the Church, but securing his honor and power and make gain through fishing in muddy water. What these writers mean is nothing other than that a Christian leader ought to manifest his love for the way of acting in real life that Jesus set himself as an example for. Almayasabdam courageously points out the lack of it in the person of the bishop of Faridabad. We don't really care if he is an arch or just a normal bishop. But he has to prove himself to be Christ-minded.

  2. Now, I have the opportunity to appreciate both Shri Kalarickal and Almayasabdam for the frank opinions they have boldly shared. With a very good intention of seeing his community coming out of all sufferings, Shri. Chacko Kalarickal has suggested a practical approach. By all means Bp Bharanikulangara is one among the best Syro Malabar Bishops and he is the only one who has dared to face the press and mails from the lay. I hope we all remember that he is one among the few Bishops who stood for the Holy Cross instead of the controversial Marthomma cross. I am damn sure that Bp Bharanikulangara will be courteous enough to listen to the cries of Delhi Catholics.

    Shri Chackochan is highlighting some disciplines every contributor has to oblige. I thank him for the same. Good suggestions. KCRM, as I understand, has'nt taken this blog as a medium to propagate their interests; instead they welcome every church citizen in spite of his/her distinct understandings. It is at this scenario that the roll of contributors turn critical. Two captains cannot steer a ship at a time. If We are looking for solutions, we have to opt a common strategy. As Chackochan has said, it should not be fight over trivial things but serious issues haunting the laity that we discuss. Let us proceed with one voice and one purpose. Just like Almayasabdam has pointed out, being Christ-minded is most crucial for a Catholic. This is a point where we should not compromise too.