Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We don't think it is fair to assume Mr Kalarickal is a "supporter" of the Eparch; nor do we think he is trying to "defend" him. We think Mr Kalarickal expressed his honest views with fairness and maturity. 

Indeed these qualities commanded our respect, which is why we thought we would give the other side of the picture. Once again Mr Kalarickal has responded to our views with fairness. 

As Mr Mattappally puts it, there can always be honest differences of opinion, but eventually we all care sincerely for the Church, and our anger is all because we see people trying to  'use" it for some personal aggrandisement. Mr Jose Joseph has in the very first line of his comment summed up our essential position. 

As for us, we are happy to accept all contrary views and will respond whenever needed. It is not necessary to agree with us at all. In this small discussion, we have already made three "friends" - Mr Kalarickal, Mr (anonymous) and Mr Jose Joseph. 

Team Rite

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