Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reply to “The problem with the SM Eparchy of Faridabad”

Petitioners' (Rite Issue) clarification on my statements regarding Faridabad Eparchy is well taken. It is, in fact, fair discussion founded on charity. I really appreciate that.

Please allow me to clarify my statements which are questionable to you:

1. “one of the best bishops in the SM hierarchy”. Rite Issue continues: “….if he is indeed “one of the best”, it scares us to imagine what the rest might be like!” You are absolutely right. They scare you and me. Think about Kanjirappally, Idukki, Kothamangalam, Trissur, the list goes on.

2. “understood the Rite issue in Delhi”: I should have written that when he took office he didn’t fully understand the Rite issue.

3. “trying his level best to rectify the situation”: When good many church citizens rejected the JPL I believe that he is trying to rectify the situation. If he is not trying for an amicable solution his pastoral care is questionable. I agree with you.

Almayasabdam comment:

1. “The newly popped up supporters of bishop K. Bharanikulangara”. In this regard I feel sorry for Almayasabdam. I believe that average people sure will understand that my write up is with good intention not as a spokesperson for the bishop. To clear the record the bishop didn’t pay me to write that article.

2. “find it difficult to come up with a proper defense” I am not here to defend anything. I am not in a debate. I simply put some facts which I thought is relevant and timely.

I clearly stated in my previous writings that I am totally against the expansion of SMC to other big cities in India and to other countries in the world. I am an ardent believer that the church citizens who are immigrants to the other parts of India as well as the other parts of the world should have the option to select their Rite. SMC hierarchy should realize that creating more dioceses and bishops they are not spreading the good news of Jesus instead they are creating chaos among the SM laity.
Detroit, USA

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  1. I appreciate Shri Chacko Kalarickal for having taken everything in good spirit. It is natural that people have differences of opinion. It is always better to express individual sentiments and attitudes rather than repressing them. We have blessed languages to share them without hurting any.

    A blog is basically designed for debates and a unanimous conclusion is not a must in all cases. I think that it should not be for mutual clarifications that we spend more energy. However, discussions on trivial things also might happen which indirectly may help the Church and the laity understand everything better. I also endorse the view of Shri Chacko Kalarickal with regard to Syro Malabar Bishops. In Kerala, many of them are facing court trials and are booked for senseless administration. Bp. Bharanikulangara, is a victim of our good old style of power riding, which we need to end for ever.