Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Burning Problems Of  Delhi !

"Is the Church's defence of  human rights authentic and credible if it fails to recognize human rights in its own organizational life?"- Baum, "Catholic Foundation of  Human Rights,"

The entire economy of the SyroMalabar Church  was contributed by both the laity and the religious communities from the  beginning of  its establishment  in  Kerala.

The members of  this  catholic community who shared  the  wealth   of  the church  have been active, talented  and  creative individuals.  Unfortunately today they live as an  oppressed lot in  fear with no rights in the church.They have been treated as captives in a "show case spirituality" by  the  high priests who  do not unfold the  vision  of  Jesus  or  his  teachings  even as they pursue a princely style of life. This  is  the present condition of  the laity and the  religious communities in the Syro Malabar Church. The  recent  incidents  such  as  the cases of  the Njarakkal  Nuns,  Thalore  Parish,  and the  rite issue of  Delhi   have proved  that hierarchical and structural oppression of the laity and religious communities  can  develop into ticking bombs.

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