Friday, October 10, 2014

The Paradox of Saints

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When St. Sr. Alphonsa was raised to the status of a saint, the heaven celebrated with  happiness and  festivity. She was the first ever Syrian saint. The happiest saint in Heaven was St. Teresa, The Little Flower. They both were young nuns. They both died at almost the same age. They both suffered during their life in almost the same way. Even while on earth Sr. Alphonsa was a great admirer and friend of St. Teresa. They both almost look alike.

Jesus has given both of them beautiful mansions to live with huge office space to accommodate their secretariat staff and all the modern facilities of communication. He gave them plenty of angels to be at their beck and call and serve them.

Tens of thousands of faithful from the world are sending appeals to both of them everyday asking to intercede for them and their dear ones to Jesus. The secretarial staffs of both Saints, with great efficiency, sorted them out and send them to Jesus. Many of the prayers were granted and some of them were not granted.

One day St. Alphonsa noticed that one of the appeals returned without taking any action by Jesus. She scrutinised the appeal and she realised that the appeal was from a Latin catholic family. She felt that she being a Syrian catholic Saint did a mistake by sending appeal from a Latin catholic family. She never realised that Jesus helps people not according to their wants but according to their needs.

She immediately contacted St. Treasa and informed her of this mistake on her part. In both the secretariats, they put teams of angels to sort all the appeals according to their rites.  They also arranged a team of angels as courier service to send the appeals to their appropriate secretariats.  Things went on well for some time.

One day, by a mistake, a big bundle of appeals of the Latin faithful was delivered to Sr. Alphonsa from  St. Teresa’s secretariat. St. Alphonsa, in good faith of believing that they are of Syrian faithful’s appeals  send the bundle to Jesus with her prayers. Jesus acted on all these appeals and blessed them all according to their prayers. Sr. Alphonsa was so happy that she went through all these appeals and found that the whole bundle of appeals were from Latin Catholics.  She realised the folly of her actions. She called up St. Teresa and told her of this. 

They both stopped the sorting of the appeals and the courier service between them and used all these angels at their command to reach all appeals to Jesus as fast as possible and reach the blessing to the faithfuls living in the world without any rite division. It appears that Jesus doesn’t know anything about this rite business or He doesn’t care about it. 

Jose Paul (Delhi)

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