Monday, October 20, 2014

The thoughts of the shepherds!

Pope Francis;    The Church is mother, not a customs office coldly checking who is within the rules.  The church needs to accept to social changes. The Pope emphasised that the divisions between Christians wound the Church and Christ, and remarked that Jesus wanted his disciples to remain united in His love. What is certain is that, in one way or another, behind all these lacerations there is always arrogance and selfishness, which are the cause of every disagreement and which make us intolerant, incapable of listening and of accepting those who have a vision or a position different from our own”.

Archbishop Anil Couto:   “The lay people who are facing genuine problems must not be treated only with church laws and rules. The Church must show compassion and empathy to their problems depending upon the special situations and circumstances. Human problems are more important than the theoretical or theocratic laws. The Church has to be more humane in dealing with the lives of its faithful” (Interview with Mithun Kuriacose).

Archbishop Kuriacose Bharanikulangara: "One cannot be Latin in Delhi and Syrian in Kerala. These are church laws. It is not in my hands to decide. What can I do. I have to follow the church laws. I do things according to canon laws. If they wish to remain in the Latin Chruch, they have to sacrifice their membership in the Syrian church in Kerala and become a part of the Delhi Diocese.  One rite in Kerala and another rite in Delhi is not allowed. This is  a decision taken neither by me nor by the Faridabad Diocese. This is the law of the global Catholic Church. The church Laws are meant for the good of the faithful. They have to be obeyed."    (Interview with Mithun Kuriacose)

Saju Padayatty. The spokesperson of the Eparchy:  "If you are not happy to accept and be obedient with church laws, you are welcome to leave Syro-Malabar Church."
(According to this man of letters, both the bishops said 'the same thing' in their interview to Mithun Kuriacose for Malayala Manoramma) Do you need any more proof than this for his cleverness and craftiness?

Comment: The Church  Laws are made  for the good of the church and for the good of the faithful. But the great and experienced doctors of Law of the Syro-Malabar Church stuck on to the Laws that will suit them and interpreted others and twisted them in such  way that they can be used to achieve power and position. Political power is their next ambition. Syro-Malabar Synod have already initiated a political party in Kerala, these leaders have to  practice to become political leaders. They have to do this kind of power play and circus not only in the mansions and palaces of the clergy, but also in Assemblies and Parliament house. The country is going to be 'blessed' with many Rev. M.L.As and Rev. M.Ps.  With political, economic, social, spiritual and religious powers in their hands, the Churh will become really great. Are they followers of the crucified Jesus, Hitler the Dictator or Nero the emperor who played the harp while Rome was burning?) 

Jose Paul - Delhi

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