Saturday, October 18, 2014

CCRI Praises Synod Mandate

CCRI Praises Synod Mandate for ongoing dialogue with the people

Since October 2, some three dozen members and supporters of CatholicChurchReform have been shadowing the Synod on the Family in Rome, hoping its final report would take into account the opinions of all the faithful on family matters long ignored by the Church.

Our wish has come true. The Synod's final report today, the Relatio Synodi, addresses many of our concerns, and further assures us that the Synod will make the same effort to include everyone in the on going worldwide dialogue over the next year.
We were particularly pleased when Bishop Bruno Forte, the Synod secretary, said at a recent press conference: "Bishops from all over the world will have to listen to the laity in their respective dioceses…. I expect laypersons to be protagonists who search for real solutions with their heads held high!"

This is the challenge for the future of the Church and the model for it to pursue. The discussion will soon shift from Rome to every diocese in the world and the lay faithful must be the protagonists in their local Church. “What a call! What a challenge: to get the laity fully involved in all the discussions and dialogue that lie ahead,” said Fr. Keith Brennan, representative to the CCRI for the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests.

 Catholic Church Reform Int’l offers its experience and assistance in soliciting the voice of the laity in the local faith communities throughout the world. After a year of data gathering from members of Catholic families in all their diversities, this movement issued an interim report to the Synod Fathers summarizing the lived experience of family members. In this process, CCRI learned that Catholics are most forthcoming when they offer their opinions and personal stories to other lay persons in anonymity and without judgment. CCRI proposes that a partnership between an experienced lay-led group and the bishops would best carry out the Synod plan. We hope that the open spirit of this Synod meeting carries through in the future dialogue with families in the collaborative task before us.

 “We enthusiastically endorse the ongoing dialogue anticipated by the Synod and propose that a consistent model be implemented for reliable results,” said Rene Reid, CCRI Director. “We pledge the full participation of our associated reform organizations to assist with and participate in this local dialogue for the benefit of the whole Church.”

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