Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let Us Break Bread Together

These are five beautiful words put together to express the Christian unity and love. These words had a powerful meaning and emotional bonding between all members of the catholic community irrespective of whichever part of the world you are hailing from, whatever is your mother tongue, whatever is the type of dress you are wearing. In the northern part of our country, there are of course few native Catholics. Every Catholic Church in the north has more Catholics from different parts of the country. Therefore, in this cultural diversity, these words “Let us break bread together” were the binding force keeping every catholic to work together as brothers and sisters as organs of the mystical body of Christ.

After the appearance of the Joint Pastoral Letter by the two Archbishops, which was read out as Sunday homily in all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Delhi, these words have lost its meaning. Still, during Sunday homilies, the priests irrespective of their Rites, repeat the same words. “Let us break bread together”. But these words do not come from the human or divine heart of the priest. These words appear to come from a comedian or a Joker in a circus show repeating like a parrot what he has learned by heart or like a robot voicing through a tape recorder with no human emotions. These words appear hollow for the faithful. What they understand from these heartless words is “Let us break each other”.

It will be a great service to the people if the clergy stop giving Sunday homily. In a Sunday homily, the priests will have to speak of the love of Christ, the unity of the Catholic Church, one faith and they have to advice people to love each other and the mystical body of Christ. The faithful understands the hollowness of their words. They see the actions of the church and the clergy. These actions are openly just opposite of what they preach.

Every priest, brothers and sisters of different congregations in the Archdiocese of Delhi and also every human being knows that the JPL is a criminal act against the laity of the church whether Latin or Syrian.  But, not a single member of the clergy, or members of any congregations in Delhi Archdiocese area opened their mouth openly against this act of injustice to the laity. It is a shame to those who proclaim that they serve Christ. Where are they serving Christ? In wearing a habit? Now that also is rare. From heaven if they go up? We understand that serving Christ means to serve the fellow beings. But for these people, the laity does not form the part of the fellow beings. And the JPL does not affect their status, style or standard of life. How cruel can they all become in the name of Poor Jesus?

The Archbishop of Delhi needs your support and encouragement to withdraw the so called JPL unilaterally with finality. We the lay people urge you to be with him by raising your voice against “Let us break each other” and to act as “Let us break bread together”.

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  1. Shri. Jose Paul is kicking at one of the most abused service portion in the Church, the homilies. Rather than saying something with home examples, most of the priests waste public time and energy elaborating Verses with stupid explanations. Between the last 10-12 years, Christianity in India has lost one third of its' members. It is a fact that in the existing two third, at least one third is not following Church codes. Whatever, the present laity is notably unhappy with the conditions within the Church.

    Petitions are flying to Rome, not to the Major Arch Bishop (people have learnt that it is of no use sending a petition to the Major Arch Bishop). Churches are being suspended in Kerala one by one (Ref. laymen protests at Kureepuzha (Kollam) and Olari (Trichur).
    The most prestigious Engineering College in Kerala manged by kanjirappally Diocese, Amal Jyothi College of Eng.g is now closed indefinitely due to students strike over bad food in the hostel mess, compulsory retreat for students etc. The strange thing is that the laity has not effectively come forward to support the diocese administrators. They know that they also pay heavily for an admission there.

    Jose Paul is right, 'we are breaking ourselves'.