Saturday, December 13, 2014

An open letter to Archbishop of Delhi and Bishop of Faridabad

Part III                                                     
An open letter to
Most Rev. Anil.J.T.Couto, Archbishop of Delhi and Most.Rev.Kuriakose Bharanikulangara, Bishop of Faridabad Eparchy on the issue of rite.
Also for the information to Most Rev. Salvatore Pennachio,                                                    Apostolic Nuncio in India

1.    There are thousands of Syrian born priests and nuns across North India working within the North Indian dioceses. Has this kind of a circular gone from the Syrian Eparchy to all these congregations?  Since this circular pertains to Delhi diocese, did you send a circular to all the congregations working in this diocese asking the fathers, sisters and brothers to join the new set up starting with the Syrian born diocesan priests?  This will give the new set up enough of priests and sisters to work for. You never did this. This shows your insincerity towards the laity. Are you not using laity as a fodder?

2.    Generations after generations the Latin’s and the Syrian Catholics worked together as a catholic congregation believing in one apostolic Catholic Church. The Syrians and Latins together as one Church have contributed towards the spiritual, physical and financial well being as one community. Children, youngsters, adults and elderly worked shoulder to shoulder in the parishes and diocese in various organisations for the spiritual wellbeing and for building scores of church buildings in the North. Can Delhi Archdiocese deny this fact when you are telling a section of Catholics one fine day that they don’t belong to this Diocese anymore? The sweat of the Syrian and Latin people in each parish has contributed for the construction and maintenance of each church. If you accept this fact, we want you to remember that the lay people without difference of any rite stood as one for the development of the existing Churches and institutions of the church

3.    Almost all congregations in Northern India which are working as Latin congregations have thousands of Syrian-born fathers, sisters and brothers. If the spirit of the JPL is literally taken, all the Syrian born then belongs to the Eparchy of Faridabad. The Eparchy also states that the call for all Syrian born people is meant for the priests and nuns of the priests and sisters who are working in the other rites. Is it possible for this Eparchy to ask these hardworking priests and nuns to leave their institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, technical institutions, etc, and follow the aristocratic and ancient traditions of the Syro-Malabar culture? It sounds good. Remember that Jesus said “Sell everything you have and give it to the poor and needy and follow me”. Excellent call from the hierarchy to all the priests and nuns. Hope that they will follow the new Jesus.

4.    According to the JPL, in every church in the Diocese of Delhi where two groups are having their services, there must be parallel catholic associations, youth groups, Vincent De Paul society, and two different catechism classes and so on. What a beautiful unity and solidarity among Christians. Even the catechisms are different since the Latin Jesus is different from the Syrian one! Wonderful Christianity!!! But these Holy Prelates will never come out with one single difference in matters of faith in these so called autonomous churches. Autonomous in what? In Faith? In authority? In Power? In rituals? Or in inequality of human beings?

 (This is part III of the letter. Part IV the last part will follow)

With all the pride in being Catholics, and that too as Syro-Malabar Catholics, with love and respect for both of you.

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